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Unfortunately, leaks in your pipes can occur almost anywhere in your home and happen without warning. Whether you can see water leaking or not, it is important to be aware that leaky pipes can be extremely detrimental and occur in your walls and under your flooring. If you notice wet spots in your floor or drywall, it is important to call a qualified plumber right away.

Sunshine Home Services offers quick and comprehensive leak detection in Aurora and the Denver Metro area. We know that emergencies happen without warning and we are here to help you.

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Getting Your Pipes Checked Could Save You Time & Money

If your plumbing system has a leak that goes undetected for any length of time, it can cause serious water damage. Scheduling a leak detection service can help to fix the plumbing problem and protect your family. If water damage and moisture is left unattended it can turn into toxic black mold, which is not only hazardous to your health, but it can also aggravate allergies, cause fatigue, and end up costing you much more money to clean out in the long run.

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When you understand how leaks happen, it can prepare you with an understanding of how to prevent them and be on the lookout for any future leaky pipes.

Some of the most common reasons for leaky pipes include the following:

  • Water pressure is too high. If water is shooting out of your faucets and shower heads, it could mean you have extremely high water pressure in your house.
  • Natural shifting and settling. Over time, your home will settle or move slightly, especially in an area like Denver that is prone to earthquakes. When this happens, your plumbing can also shift and result in your pipes falling out of alignment or coming loose.
  • Freezing and thawing of your pipes. Denver winters can be extremely cold, sometimes causing your pipes to freeze. If they do freeze, then thaw, and then freeze again, this can weaken the pipe itself. Take precautions to avoid freezing pipes by keeping your home at 70 degrees or higher in winter and be sure to insulate the pipes that come from exterior walls.
  • Pipe corrosion. Pipes can begin to rust and weaken due to water chemistry, heat, damaging drain cleaners, water pH balance, the material of the pipes, and time. You can usually detect corrosion in the color of your water, which means your pipes may need to be replaced altogether.

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