Denver Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

Water leaks can develop in any of your pipes throughout the home. Some of these pipes may be visible to the naked eye, such as those that are located under the kitchen or bathroom sink. A quick look at the pipes may reveal the fact that you have a leak in these locations.

Other leaks may be evident through wet spots on the floor or drywall, but you may not be able to actually see the pipe that is leaking. In other cases, you may suspect that you have a leaking pipe, but you may not be able to see any physical signs of it. For example, you may hear dripping water, or you may notice that your water bill is higher than it should be for no apparent reason.

There are various water leak detection methods that are used to determine where a leak is.Leaks can be in the pipes in your walls, ceiling, foundation and even the ground outside your home. One of the more traditional methods of water leak detection is to tear away drywall, drill into the foundation or dig up the ground in order to visually locate the leak. This is destructive to the home, and the first attempt at removing areas of the property to locate the home are not always successful.

Innovative, modern techniques for water leak detection are available that eliminate related damage to the home and that can help you to identify a leak more quickly. A skilled plumber may use methods such as moisture or humidity sensors, highly sensitive audio devices that can pinpoint the sound of a leak or special cameras that are placed inside pipes to visually inspect them. You can inquire about these services when you set up an appointment for plumbing service.