How to Flush Your Water Heater

Flushing a water heater is a little-known, but crucial maintenance task that every homeowner should prioritize. Here’s why: Over time, sediment and mineral deposits can accumulate at the bottom of the tank, particularly in hard water areas. This buildup not only reduces the heating efficiency of the appliance but also creates a barrier between the heating element and the water, forcing the heater to work harder and consume more energy to maintain the desired temperature. 

By regularly flushing your water heater, homeowners can remove these deposits, ensuring efficient heat transfer and ultimately lowering their energy bills. Additionally, flushing helps extend the lifespan of the water heater, as excessive sediment buildup can lead to corrosion and premature wear and tear, potentially saving homeowners the cost of an early replacement.

Another reason to flush your water heater is to improve water quality. Sediment and mineral deposits not only affect the heater’s performance but can also find their way into your hot water supply. This can result in discolored, foul-smelling, or even gritty water coming out of your taps and showerheads. By flushing the tank, you effectively remove these impurities, ensuring clean and clear hot water throughout your home. This is not only more pleasant for daily use but also helps prevent potential damage to appliances and fixtures that might be negatively impacted by sediment-laden water. Regular water heater flushing is a cost-effective and practical way for homeowners to maintain both the efficiency of their heating system and the quality of their hot water supply.

In this video, Master Plumber William Frew walks you through it.

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