Fixing Leaking Valves in Denver

Homeowners that are struggling with a leaking valve will often be afraid of the consequences that can result. Some might worry that a leaking valve could create further damage down the road or they might be uncertain about the damage that could be caused later down the road. This article will explain what homeowners need to know about leaking valves.

The Problem

Leaking valves can damage walls, appliances, and the general interior of a home. If the problem is not assessed quickly, homeowners in Denver could be faced with greater costs due to long-term damage caused by a leaking valve.


Valve leaks can be caused for many different reasons, but the most frequent reason in Denver is due to bad weather causing pipes to freeze and then causing the valves to burst. Valves can also go bad simply due to their age, with older valves being the most frequent to break. Other causes can include excessive pressure levels and poor water quality that can gradually eat away at the delicate components inside a valve.

What to Do

While homeowners can repair a leaking valve on their own, working with a professional will be much more likely to deliver better results. Denver homeowners that want exceptional quality should consider getting in touch with Sunshine Plumbing and Heating today.