Tankless Water Heaters

The Revolutionary Tankless Water Heater

The new tankless technology of tankless water heaters avoid a number of problems that traditional water heating systems fall prey to. The benefits of installing a tankless water heating unit can easily outweigh the costs, and any homeowner would do well to consider this option.

Tankless heaters heat water as it passes by and only when it is needed. This eliminates the need for a water storage tank and lowers your electric bill. As much as a 40% savings is possible and the tankless unit may well last twice as long as a tank heater. Over a 20 year period, such substantial savings obtained each year can build up to a large total savings indeed.

The tankless option also takes up less space and can be installed on almost any wall in the house. The usual experience of running of hot water when too many shower at once or of a person getting cold water in the shower because the washer is running need happen no more. There is not tank with pre-heated water to limit hot water usage. Water is instantly heated and run out of the faucet. Finally, there is no risk of a rusty or mineral filled tank contaminating your water supply.

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