Denver Plumbing Contractor and Pipes

Plumbing Pipe Types and Problems

Sunshine Plumbing knows pipes and is committed to serving the customer in regard to all his or her pipe needs and inquiries. A large part of knowing plumbing is knowing the types of pipes and what can go wrong with them and how to fix it.

Copper pipes are the usual choice for bringing water to a faucet or other usage point. Copper works well for all water temperatures and keeps itself clean by resisting in-water chemicals and minerals. Even copper can wear out or burst if exposed to too cold weather, and we at Sunshine Plumbing can assist you to repair such damage or to install piping in a new house.

PEX (polyethylene) pipes are cheaper than copper, easy to work with, have a higher resistance to freezing, and are flexible. Thus PEX is an increasingly popular alternative to copper. We at Sunshine Plumbing also have expertise at working with PEX piping.

For drain pipes, vents, and sewage piping, PVC is the most widely used type of pipe. PVC has excellent tight-fitting joints and is relatively easy to work with and inexpensive. It also tends to out tree roots.

Sunshine Plumbing is ready, willing, and able to assist you in choosing the best pipe type for your particular needs. Our crew can come on short notice to fix any leaking, rusty, old, cracked, or burst pipes. We understand that plumbing problems are often emergencies and require quick attention.