What is Video Plumbing?

Video Plumber™ is a new innovative feature Sunshine Plumbing Heating and Air has created to meet the need of their busy customers who don’t want to wait around for an estimate. Sunshine received both a patent and trademark for this innovation in July 2016. What is Video Plumber, how does it work and why was it put in place?

How Does Video Plumber Work?

Video Plumber is a way for busy homeowners to have a plumber perform a visual diagnostic without setting a foot in the door, for only $29. Through the use of Facebook Messenger’s video conferencing feature, the troubled homeowner can show and explain the problem to a Master Plumber who then can create an up-front estimate for repairs. If accepted, the customer can be scheduled for in-person service on the spot, with the $29 fee applied to the work.

Another great benefit of Video Plumber is for customers, including Realtors, who want or need multiple estimates on a project. Again, the Master Plumber can take a look at an issue and offer a convenient digital estimate for comparison and decision making reasons. Like having a plumber in their pocket on properties, they can pay $29 and get a professional estimate to determine just how bad a particular heating, cooling or plumbing concern is.

Why was Video Plumber Created?

Sunshine Plumbing Heating and Air is an award winning company. A member of the Denver Better Business Bureau once said of them:

“Sunshine is a customer service company who specializes in plumbing and heating.”

With hundreds of 5-star reviews online, it is easy to see why. The owners, Susan and William Frew have grown the company very quickly and wanted to find a win-win situation for their customers who wanted an upfront estimate but are too busy and frustrated with having to wait for a plumber to arrive to give an estimate.

In a typical engagement, a customer was either facing an emergency or a repair/remodel project. Those with emergencies needed to be handled right away before significant damages to their property or environment occurred. For some clients, waiting an hour for a technician to give them a price, obtain parts and then do the work, wasn’t a successful model.

Sunshine asked, “What can we do to serve these clients even better?” This question gave birth to Video Plumber, which allows clients to show the plumber the problem area, troubleshoot to minimize damage, get an estimate within minutes and, if chosen, have a plumber arrive with the parts and experience needed to correct the issue.

Innovation, Technology and Experience

When members of the Sunshine team answer the phone with, “How can we make you smile today,” they mean it. Video Plumber is one more way they are making clients smile by providing faster estimates in critical situations using new technology. In fact, technology is a big part of how they do business including using a paperless cloud-based customer management system, automatic follow-up emails and customer review system. (How do they get so many reviews? They ask for them on every job!)

Sunshine intends to always look for ways to leverage technology and innovation to best serve their clients. They also hope to use this technology to create jobs for technicians who are no longer able to serve in the field such as disabled workers and veterans. If you are needing plumbing, heating or cooling help, give Sunshine a call and discover how they can make you smile today.

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