Winterizing Your Plumbing to Deal With Cold Spells

Winterizing Your Pipes to Prevent Plumbing Problems

Winter tends to be the time of year that plumbing undergoes the most hardships. The chilly Denver season makes it even more of a problem, especially when the temperature repeatedly dips above and below the freezing point of water.

Winter can lead to leaky spigots, damaged plumbing, burst pipes and a expensive water utility bill.

The Cause of the Problem

The sole reason that chilly temperatures are so hard on plumbing revolves around the properties of water when it nears the freezing point. It gradually contracts, then expands just a few degrees above freezing.

This is what causes plumbing, pressurized plumbing such as the kind that carries water into your home, to become damaged. Water is allowed to sit under pressure and expand. This can distort, tear, and even rupture sturdy materials like copper and iron.

What Can You Do to Winterize Your Plumbing in Denver?

There’s a number of things you can do to winterize your plumbing, though each solution has a different cost.

One solution is to empty your home’s water system. This only works if you plan to vacate your home for an extended period.

The easiest solution is to leave your faucets slightly open so that water is allowed to drip. This relieves some of the pressure and keeps the water flowing into a warm environment, which in turn prevents the water in your pipes from becoming frozen solid in all but the most extreme temperatures.

The problem with this solution is that it wastes water.

The optimal solution is to have Sunshine Plumbing, Heating and Air winterize your pipes. We specialize in insulating pipes, repairing them to prevent stoppage, and applying custom thermal solutions so that your pipes don’t burst.

We can even reroute your plumbing so that the heat from your home naturally warms your pipes. This is an efficient solution that prevents problems while allowing you to fully utilize your home’s plumbing during the Winter.

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