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Why You Do or Don’t Need a Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspections, sewer scope, or sewer camera inspections all refer to the process of using a small camera thread through a pipe to visually see its condition. When something isn’t working right and it is hidden underground, a video pipe inspection can show you what’s happening without the need to dig.


There are several reasons why a sewer scope would be needed including:

Home purchase. When you are purchasing a new home, a sewer inspection is not part of a typical home inspection. However, problems with the sewer line can be one of the most expensive repairs you could have. For a few hundred dollars, you could prevent buying a home with thousands of dollars of needed repairs.

Mud in your line. After a sewer line backs up, it is suggested to have it cleaned. Often, the clog culprit is discovered on the blades of the plumbing snake, and if it is mud, it is usually an indication of a break. Sewer line breaks need to be repaired in order for the system to work properly, making it critical to address quickly. A video pipe inspection will reveal where the break is so it can be repaired.

Problematic sewer line. If you are having regular sewer line back-ups and want to see what may be causing them, a sewer camera inspection is a great option. The video recording will reveal line breaks, offsets, clogs, and bellies or flat spots in the pipe that are problematic so you can make needed repairs.


Upsell. Some plumbing companies will offer a free or discounted sewer scope as a tactic for informing you that your line is in bad condition and needs to be replaced. If you aren’t experiencing a problem, there is no reason to go looking for one, especially when you don’t have the understanding of what you are looking at in the video you are being shown.

Verification. If you are sold a video pipe inspection to verify that they did a “good job”, save your money. If it is offered for free, remember the “upsell” tactic. If you don’t trust the company to have done a good job to start then hired someone else, rather than have them prove their professionalism through a sewer camera inspection.

If you are unclear or feel pressured, call another video pipe inspection company for a second opinion. Camera equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain, so be aware of plumbing companies who offer free uses of it as the costs will be passed on in other ways.

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