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What is Backflow Testing and Why Do You Need It?

Preserving your plumbing system is always important, but what makes backflow testing so crucial? A backflow device keeps your water running in one path, and if that device fails, it could cause water to come back into your plumbing system in the opposite direction. Not only is this messy and inconvenient, it can also be extremely unhealthy. Backflow issues can contaminate your water and might even affect the city water supply. In order to keep your system running smoothly and safely, make sure you have your backflow device tested.


There are many different types of backflow devices out there. Depending on whether your plumbing system is for a residential property or commercial property, the device could vary in strength and function. If your property relies on an irrigation system, fire suppression system, or a large boiler, you have a backflow device supporting that system.

If there is a backflow issue, the chemicals and pesticides used in your irrigation system could contaminate your drinking water. Or, if you have a heating system or fire suppression system, water could become trapped in the structure, growing stagnant and collecting bacteria and other harmful contaminants.


While many DIY enthusiasts may attempt to do home improvements themselves, sometimes successfully, it’s always best to leave plumbing issues to the experts. Backflow issues are complex, to start with. Many backflow issues are not caused by the backflow device itself, but by some other plumbing issue, such as a problem with a pipe break, a leak, or some other change in pressure in your water lines.

A certified backflow expert will have undergone extensive training in the various plumbing systems that support backflow devices, and they will be able to survey your system for any potential problems. Spotting issues as an amateur can be extremely tricky, and if you overlook anything, you could wind up facing a much more extensive problem later on.

Rather than risk the safety of your home or business, turn to a professional & certified backflow expert from Sunshine Plumbing Heating & Air for your backflow service maintenance and testing. Backflow tests should be administered once a year, so make sure you schedule your next service with our professional team.

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