What is Backflow Prevention?

Need backflow prevention? We do that! What is it and why is the city telling you need to do it, and do it now? Here’s the scoop and a special deal for Sunshine’s customers.

You probably haven’t heard of backflow prevention until you received a letter from the city telling your that your business or home must have your backflow prevention device installed and/or tested. In general, water pressure must be set to a certain level in order for there to be enough pressure to move water to the faucet, shower or other water fixture. When a water line bursts or water pressure drops, for whatever reason, a backflow can happen, allowing contamination or pollution into potable water sources.

So, a backflow device installed on your plumbing protects drinking water from contamination. When plumbing codes are updated, licensed plumbers need to bring current plumbing up to code, and this includes backflow devices, which is why you are receiving a notice. When a house or business uses irrigation, fire sprinklers, or a boiler, it creates a higher chance for backflow issues, requiring the device to be installed, and inspected annually.

When installed and functioning properly, a drop in water pressure opens the value allowing the water to dump rather than flow into the drinking water supply. Only licensed plumbers with special backflow testing certification are allowed by the EPA and State law to install, inspect and certify the backflow devices.

Backflow testing is required annually as a preventative maintenance measure, as the devices can wear out. Learn more about backflow testing here.

Whether or not you received a letter from the city, you do need to comply with the law and Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air is here to help. James Rosenburg is our licensed plumber with the skills and credentials to perform your backflow inspection. Contact us today at 303-622-5526 to get scheduled and pay just $129.00 for your inspection.

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