The Scariest Things This Halloween Could Be Already Inside Your House

Halloween is the time for ghosts, ghouls, candy, and fall festivities, and it should be fun. But there are some things in your home that could ruin your holiday season. Today, we’ll address a few of those nightmares and how to best handle them.


It doesn’t take a knife yielding psycho to ruin your shower. Cold water on a cold day can kill it as well. Be sure your water heater is running properly with a check-up, and make sure it’s the right size for your needs. If you are complaining about running out of hot water, know your water heater is over 7 years old, or live in a hard water area, ask your plumber to take a look at the water heater and offer suggestions.


With Do-It-Yourself videos, classes, and TV shows, many homeowners have taken on projects to beautify their home or fix common problems. Sometimes, this results in a Frankenstein fix that takes on a life of its own- showers stop working, plumbing leaks, and even water damage develops. Bring your plumbing up to code, or finally get it in working order before family arrives for the holidays.


Fall and spring are the most common times of year for sewer line back-ups. Not being able to use the bathrooms, laundry, or kitchen because you have sewage crawling up from the basement, is definitely something to scream about. Prevent sewer line back-ups with a cleaning and by not overusing the system.


Hearing things that go bump in the night? A noisy furnace doesn’t have to be something you put up with. Funny smells and inconsistent heat could be a sign of a dirty filter and need for a tune up. Performing maintenance will keep your system in good working order for the entire winter season.


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