Six Common Plumbing Issues Homeowners Need to Know

As surely as the Colorado River carved a little ditch we call the Grand Canyon, the effects of water running through our homes and gardens is sure to take its toll on our homes’ plumbing infrastructure over time. However, preventative maintenance, quality products and proper installation can delay the inevitable failure of plumbing fixtures. And, there are some plumbing issues that are simply endemic to the joys of home ownership. Here are the top 6:

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Leaky, Dripping Faucets – The drip, drip, drip that can drive you crazy when you finally notice it is probably the most common of all plumbing issues. Leaky faucets are not only a threat to your mental health, they are also a threat to your wallet. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaks found in an average household can amount to more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted per year. This will take a toll on your water bill and can also result in corrosion and degradation of your faucets, fixtures and pipes.
  • Running Toilets – The perennial number two (no pun intended) in the plumbing issue hit list has to be running toilets. Like leaky faucets, this malady is not only annoying, it is also a potentially very expensive hit to your water bill. Talk about flushing your money down the toilet…
  • Low Water Pressure – There is nothing more unsatisfying than a weak shower. Low water pressure can occur for a number of reasons- mineral deposits in aerator screens, leaky pipes, old, ineffective showerheads and corroded pipes, are the most common causes. The remedies can range from simple do-it-yourself fixes to significant overhauls.
  • Slow, Clogged Drains – There are several measures that can help prevent or delay slow or clogged drains, such as: placing and cleaning strainers over drains, avoiding pouring grease into your garbage disposal, and using a lint sock on a laundry tub hose, just to name a few. When things get serious, however, it is always best to avoid using chemicals that may harm your plumbing and to contact a professional for help.
  • Water Heater Failure – Water heaters have a life span of somewhere between 8 and 12 years, depending on the quality of the heater and the level of maintenance it receives. Eventually, like any other appliance, it will fail. Your plumbing professional can guide you through the choices available based on your needs and budget.
  • Leaking Hose Bibb – Hose bibbs, also known as spigots, are usually located outside the home and as a result are most subject to the ravages of the elements. Turning off water to the bibb when cold weather sets in can help prevent bursts, cracks and leaks. Insulating the bibb in winter can also help, and there are frost-free hose bibbs available as a replacement. Ask your plumbing professional!

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