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Commerce City Sewer Pump Repair & Maintenance

If your home relies on a sump pump or septic pump, keeping them in working order is extremely important. Should the equipment fail, flooding and extensive damage can quickly result. Our membership plans are a great way to protect the performance of your septic or sump pump-while identifying potential problems before they arise. If an emergency has already struck, we can help you there as well. When you call us, we will answer and book you on the spot!

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What's the difference between a sewage and sump pump?

Getting the right service begins with the right terminology, and sump pumps and septic pumps are confused to most. Sump pumps aren't part of your sewage system. In a home, sump pumps are traditionally found in the basement where they help to prevent flooding. When ground water surrounding your home's foundation reaches a certain level, the sump pump carries the water up and out. Depending on the season and location, sump pumps can run frequently or hardly ever at all.

Sewage or septic pumps are usually used in basement bathrooms - or any situation where sewage must be pumped to an elevated septic tank or sewer line. Grinder pumps help to eliminate solid waste before it is pumped to its destination. In the case of both sump and septic pumps, both must receive regular maintenance to maximize performance.

Sewage and sump pumps can fail due to:

  • Improper installation
  • Insufficient capacity
  • Frozen or clogged lines
  • Lack of regular maintenance

Benefit from our 2-year warranties - Request a service!

Our expert technicians have the tools and experience to prevent future problems and repair the ones that have already struck. With our *2-year warranty guarantee, if a service or product that we provided does not hold up as expected within the 2-year warranty guarantee period, we will perform additional repairs at no cost to you.

*Excluding drains or problems arising from abuse.

To schedule a septic or sump pump inspection or repair, call Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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