Is It Luck or Something Else? The Benefits of a Home Maintenance Program

Some may call it luck when their plumbing, heating, and cooling systems last longer and run better. We think that, for under a dollar a day, you can buy your own luck with a home maintenance program. But before you think we are just out for your green, we want to share some of the benefits of preventative maintenance, and particularly the Sunshine Club.


While your neighbors are sweating it out, waiting for a service tech to arrive to fix their air conditioning, Sunshine Club members are bumped to the top of the list if they do need service. However, because they also receive a free a/c check-up before the summer season begins, the chances are they won’t need it.


An air conditioning check-up service involves reviewing a working a/c unit for cleanliness (dirt wears and tears your system and reduces its efficiency); checking coolant levels; checking calibration of the thermostat; inspecting ductwork; checking electrical connections, blower motor and blower belt. Making adjustments to the air conditioner to ensure it is working properly will be determined after this diagnostic service is performed.

This type of service is typically done on your schedule with minor expense and provides future comfort. Cost: Priceless.


When the air conditioner is no longer working, it is then time to do repairs. Again, this will begin with a full diagnostic service that can take up to an hour to an hour and a half. During this time, the technician will check a variety of components that could be causing the failure and offer professional recommendations to do the repairs.

This type of service is typically done on the broken air conditioner’s schedule with potentially higher expenses in order to provide future comfort. Cost: A pot of gold.


If you show up to work un-showered, you may hear this expression (ok, maybe only if your co-worker is Irish). Why might you do that? A failed water heater? A leak in need of repair? A sewer line back up? Yes, all these un-lucky reasons could leave you without water and/or without a shower.


While all plumbing problems can’t be prevented, certain components of them can. A sewer line that regularly fills with roots can be cleared annually, before a back-up. A water heater can be flushed to increase its lifespan. A die-test can help discover leaks before they become a big problem.

As part of a home maintenance program, these items will be handled on a yearly basis and you’ll be sucking diesel now. Cost: a few cents per day


When plumbing emergencies strike, they are rarely convenient. As part of your bi-annual visit from a plumbing and/or HVAC tech, having an inspection of your plumbing system is a smart way to save, and save up for, areas that are problematic. Repair work requires you to make fast decisions in order to restore you to the pre-crisis state, and that tends to cost more.

As mentioned, nothing is 100% preventable, but preventative care is always less than emergency plumbing service work. Cost: your peace of mind

Whether repair work or preventative maintenance, Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air is here to help you get back to enjoying the comfort of your home. Save money and increase your peace of mind with the Sunshine Club Home Maintenance Plan that keeps you proactive rather than reactive and relying on luck. Give us a call today to get scheduled and to learn more.

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