How Women Can Take Control of the Home Improvements

On average, $24 billion is spent on home renovations and improvements each year. Women account for 85% of consumer purchases, including cars and healthcare. When it comes to home renovation decisions, women are proving to make a majority of these decisions. With women calling the shots on renovations and design, Sunshine Home Services has compiled a list of ways women can be the masters of their home improvement.

When dealing with major home improvement projects, follow these tips:

  • Get it in writing. Set up a payment schedule based on project expectations. Write down the details and steps of the project in a timeline along with a payment timeline. That way, if someone comes looking for a paycheck, you will know exactly what step should be completed before you rush to sign a check.
  • Don’t pay until everything is done. It is important to leave a large portion unpaid until every last detail is complete. This is a way to ensure a shady contractor won’t skimp out on a deal.
  • Show, don’t tell. Simply explaining or discussing what you want won’t always get the point across. When dealing with contractors, use samples, designs, pictures, etc. to paint a detailed picture of what you want.
  • Get more opinions. In order to ensure a job goes right and that there is no oversight, it is good to get the opinions of more than just the contractors that will be doing the work. When it comes to less appealing jobs, their feedback might not be as honest as you think.

If you are facing a major plumbing or HVAC project, look no further than Sunshine Home Services. Our team is ready and willing to walk you through the process, show you your options, and make sure you fully understand what your home improvement entails.

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