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Having Food Clog Your Sink?

Foods That Clog Your Sink

1. Egg Shells

Most people think nothing of tossing their egg shells into the sink, but this can cause some major plumbing problems. As the shells are crunched down by the disposal, they create very tiny granular waste that sticks to just about anything in the sink and clogs it all up.

2. Potatoes

If you want to dispose of potatoes or their peels, choose the trash. In your drain, these starches end up forming a thick paste that coats your drain, causing blockages, clogs, and an all-around mess.

3. Oil/Grease

Since it’s a liquid, this has a tendency to get poured down sinks even without a garbage disposal. You wouldn’t think it could cause such big problems, but it hardens and sticks to the sides of your pipes, keeping water from getting through.

Being careful with these food should help prevent a lot of clogs — but if anything ever does happen, contact a professional plumber in Denver, such as Sunshine Plumbing Heating & Air. They can fix the problem and get your kitchen back to normal.

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