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Video Transcript for Garbage Disposal Install

Hi, I’m William here with Sunshine Home Services. Today, we’re going to be putting in a Badger 5 garbage disposal by Insinkerator. We’re going to need a couple tools to do this. We’re going to need a screwdriver, a pair of channellocks, some plumber’s putty, a labeler to put the date on – that’s always good to do – and who put the garbage disposal in, and that’s going to be by Sunshine. Okay, let’s get started.

The first thing we want to do is disconnect the drain. You can use the existing Allen wrench that came with the garbage disposal. If you don’t have one of these you can put a screwdriver in here. Place your knee up against it. That disconnects the garbage disposal. Then we want to change out the sink basket. We do this with a flat-head screwdriver. You’ll notice that underneath here is a ring, and the ring has a split in it. We just want to pat that ring off. That takes the basket out.

Get rid of the [inaudible 00:01:20] that’s currently in there. Make sure we get underneath as well. Let’s unwrap this garbage disposal. Sink basket, new garbage disposal. I’ll save the box because we can put the old garbage disposal in the box, and it would be great to throw away in the garbage. We’ll use the existing [Walimex] clamp. It’s what they call it in the electrical field. Make sure that the black goes to the hot. That’s the one with a straight line through it. I don’t know if you can see that here.

Make sure these things are tight. You don’t want to have any problems. You notice the way that the sink basket is placed. You have your cardboard basket and your plate, your screw plate. Here we have the ring that holds everything together. So let’s get some plumber’s putty. That stuff is always fun. Get a good handful of this. Now it’s ready to go in.

Okay, this can be somewhat of a challenge with one person. Make sure the letters are right so it looks like a professional install. All right, let’s go underneath. Now this can be somewhat of a challenge. You got the paper, and it goes up there. You have the plate, like so. Then you got the metal ring. And if this is your first time, you may want to have somebody hold the sink basket down while you get this ring up in there to hold everything together. There you go. It looks like we got it.

This is going to tighten up the sink basket. The gasket there is replaceable. That’s what holds this ring on. If you ever have anything in your garbage disposal you couldn’t get out, that’s how you take it out. We’ve got these three rings and three clips that go all around the garbage disposal. You see here, these three clips. You then want to use your knee to hold up the garbage disposal until you put the drain together. You put a rubber gasket on.

You have the drain and the drain holding plate. You’ve got two screws. That’s just going to place firmly up against here. Screwdriver – tighten this up. Just a little snug, not too tight. A garbage disposal has a lot of vibration on it. We don’t want it to come apart. Okay, so the next thing, we’re going to take this and plug it in. One of the things most people forget to do when they’re installing a garbage disposal, it’s very important to lock it in place. We could do this with the Allen wrench that’s provided with the unit.

Now, let’s go up to and see what we got. There’s some leftover putty that’s been squeezed out. I can just take that and just roll it off. I’ll take a rag – I’m going to clean this up here a little bit. Okay, so this is looking really good up here. And let’s get this label in here. Let’s put the date, the installed date. It’s always good to do. There we go. So we want to come here and check for any leeks. Nothing. All right. Looks like we’re good there. One thing that I want to do, I just want to fill it up a little bit.

Look at that, another good install. And there you have it, another great install from Sunshine Home Services. Until next time.

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