Why does a furnace service matter?


Why does a furnace service matter?

Performing your furnace service before you actually need it, is a great idea.


  1. Once the cold hits, the heating industry becomes very busy. You could be waiting days for furnace service, when it is most critical.
  2. Preventative maintenance is critical for heating and cooling units. Without annual service, you could be facing bigger repairs including normal wear and tear becoming a full break down to carbon monoxide being released dangerously into your home.
  3. Annual furnace service is cheaper than a furnace replacement. A few hundred dollars a year will save you a few thousand down the road.

Just as you get oil changes for your vehicle on a regular basis, you also require maintenance on your furnace. Whether you have a gas or electric unit, you don’t want to wait for it to break before calling for furnace service. Twice a year, we suggest a furnace service to change filters, clean the vents and parts, and inspect the unit for efficiency as well as make any needed minor repairs.

If you are experiencing any of these concerns, please let your technician know when he is there for the furnace service:

  1. Uneven flames or flames that lean to the back of the furnace. Flames should be even and when they are not, this could be a sign of a cracked heat exchanger or dirty burners.
  2. Weird noises. Hot water and steam can cause some noises, but noises coming from a forced-air unit can be a problem to have checked during your annual furnace service.
  3. Thermostat issues. If the furnace turns on for three minutes or less then shuts off and this keeps repeating, it is time to have it looked at.
  4. Poor Air Quality. If you seem to be experiencing high levels of allergies, nose bleeds, or frequent headaches, let the technician know. They can check for carbon monoxide leaks and offer suggestions on humidifiers and UV light air purifiers that work with the unit to reduce uncomfortable symptoms.
  5. Soot build up. If you are seeing soot, we can get it cleaned and see what it going on to cause it.

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