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What Are HVAC Tariffs and How Are They Impacting Homeowners?

As experts in our industry, it is part of our responsibility to stay abreast of trends. One such topic that is getting attention in heating right now is the tariff on steel and aluminum. Effective the end of March, HVAC product manufacturers are already raising prices, which in turn means HVAC providers will also be passing on the increase to customers in order to stay profitable, or even to break even.


A tariff is a tax or duty placed on imports/exports. President Trump, desiring to ensure the country has enough steel and aluminum, placed a tariff on China’s exports of these. AHRI, the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute stated that they believe these tariffs will negatively impact both consumers and manufacturers as well as reduce American jobs. Trumps intention is to have a large enough supply on hand in case of national emergencies.


When faced with high prices, consumers typically will make repairs, rather than replace existing HVAC systems. This isn’t a problem if the unit is repairable, but in the case of outdated, inefficient systems, it is not the best choice.

Some HVAC manufacturers may choose to import supplies from countries not effected by the tariffs, allowing them to keep prices lower. However, whenever there is a change in supply/suppliers, it can result in delays, changes in quality and have a financial impact. These can all flow down to the end user- the consumer- the homeowner and business owner responsible for the HVAC system.


The bottom line is that right now the tariffs are creating a shortage, and with any supply being in demand, prices will increase. Until new processes are in place for manufacturers, it is likely consumers can expect an increase in HVAC supply prices.

Knowledgeable HVAC companies and technicians can help consumers by offering appropriate information on rebates, inform consumers about special manufacturer deals and pricing, and implement preventative maintenance strategies for HVAC system longevity.

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