Water Heater 101

Water heaters can be one of the bigger appliance replacements we need to make as home owners. While we use water heaters every day, because we don’t look at them frequently like other appliances, they can become an “out of sight, out of mind” scenario that ends up costing more money and inconvenience. Here are a few of the most important things to know about your water heater. 


Today’s water heaters are all more efficient than those in the past, so you will see energy savings over the life of your water heater, regardless of size. But if you’ve noticed that you are running out of hot water when you need it (like during a shower), or when using multiple appliances, you may want to consider an upgrade. 

Water heater upgrades can include higher efficiency models, larger capacities or even tankless (hot water on demand) units. You may also want to take into consideration your household size and if additions have been made to the house that are taxing your water heater. Talk to your plumber to get a few recommendations that perfectly match your needs and budget. 


Water heaters under a preventative maintenance plan tend to last longer than ones that aren’t. Protect your investment and get more years out of it by having an annual tune-up done. Rust and sediment may need to be flushed from the unit, otherwise it can impact your water heater’s performance, and will cause it to fail prematurely. 

Preventative maintenance services include flushing the tank, checking the anode rod, testing for leaks, and an overall safety inspection. 


Your water heater does have a life span, and age is only one indicator that it is time to be replaced. Other signs can include discolored water, loss of hot water when needed, or water taking longer to heat up than usual. You may also notice the water heater leaking or experience frequent pilot light issues or notice higher than normal heating bills. 


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