Sump Pumps: What’s with all this water?

What’s up with all this water?

We have been getting a bunch of calls today regarding sump pumps, so I thought I would do a quick article about what they are, how they work and why they are important (to some people) from your favorite plumbing contractor, Sunshine Home Services.

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a device, installed by a professional plumbing contractor, that pumps water- usually ground water from the basement to outside. It is not required for all homeowners, and those who do have them would probably wish they didn’t need them, however some homes can really benefit from having one installed. They are different than a dehumidifier, which is to handle moisture in the air. Sump pumps are designed to move actual water, not just moisture.

How does a sump pump work?

Sump pumps are installed in the basement, either above or below the floor, and collect water into their basin then pump the water outside. It is a good idea to check on your sump pump in the spring, before the rains become the heaviest to be sure it is working properly. This means it is plugged in and the water it pumps out is diverted away from the house.

It is also a good idea to have a sump pump installed that is equipped with an alarm that can alert you when water levels are high, and a battery power back up in the case of power outages that frequently happen with heavy rains. Sometimes the plumbing contractor will have a water alarm that can be easily used to detect any water in an area.

Do I need a sump pump?

Sump pumps help safeguard your home by getting water out- especially when there are very heavy rains. Even areas that typically don’t get lots of moisture, as evidenced by the heavy rains Boulder received in 2014 that caused multiple homes to flood, can benefit from a sump pump.

If you are in an area known to have water issues, you may even require multiple sump pumps to handle all the water in order to prevent water damage. Additionally, beyond water damage, a wet basement can cause mold, poor air quality, rust and rot, so it is important to keep it as dry as possible.

If you have a high water table that gets higher when it rains, you will need a sump pump.

Tips on buying a sump pump

1. Be sure to have the sump pump installed by a professional plumbing contractor.

2. Choose a pump that has a cast iron, not plastic core.

3. Choose a pump that is submersible if you have the space, as they keep moist air from being released into your basement, are less noisy and have a lid to protect the pit.

4. Clogs can be a problem for sump pumps, so to reduce the chance of this, be sure the pump is designed to handle solids and has a no-screen intake.

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