Some Basic Suggestions on Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters are relatively simple devices that heat water for use inside a home, business or other building. Also referred to as a hot water heater or hot water tank, a water heater is essentially a large holding tank with a heating element placed under or inside the heater. In Colorado, the heat in a water heater is usually supplied by either electric or natural gas, but some heaters use propane or some other fuel. Regardless of the fuel source, Sunshine Heating and Cooling can handle any repair needed on the tank and supply lines.

A water heater needs little maintenance, but an annual flushing and inspection are recommended. Hot water tanks should be flushed to remove sediment from the bottom of the tank. Hard water is especially problematic for water heaters as the calcium and other minerals in the water can cause heaters to clog. Much of Colorado has hard water. An annual inspection of the heater is also a good idea so that minor problems can be found before they become worse. For example, water heaters have a pressure relief valve to prevent the buildup of excessive pressure that can cause the tank to explode. The valve should also be tested annually for proper operation.

While water heaters typically provide years of trouble-free service, things can go wrong requiring repair. One of the most commonly encountered problems with water heaters is leaks caused by corrosion to the internal tank or the pipes attached to the tank. Most pipe leaks and some heater leaks can be repaired, but other leaks will require replacement of the pipe or heater. However, failing to address a leak can result in serious damage to a home via rotting floors and the development of mold. Water heaters are made with sacrificial rods in the tank, which help to prevent internal corrosion. These rods need replaced periodically to keep the tank protected. Heating elements in tanks can also malfunction or stop working altogether. In most cases, heating elements can be adjusted, repaired or replaced to get the tank working properly.

Whether an electric, gas or tankless heater needs flushed, inspected, repaired or replaced, Sunshine Heating and Cooling can handle the job. Sunshine is familiar with complying with building codes in Denver and other surrounding areas and will get the job done quickly and properly.

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