She’s Hot Then She’s Cold: Mother Nature in Colorado

If you’ve lived in Colorado for any length of time, you likely have already noticed our highs and lows can change quite a bit, both within the day and within in the week. Often, we can find ourselves turning on the heat in the morning and night and air conditioning during the day and late afternoon. How do we keep up with this? Keeping our heating and cooling systems in check, and these helpful hints: 

Check for drafty windows and doors. Drafty windows and doors can let up to a third of your home’s heat out, according to estimates from the Energy Information Administration. Seal windows and use weather stripping for known problem areas.  

Change your furnace filters. Furnace filters need to be changed on a regular basis and the frequency depends of a few factors that your HVAC technician can best answer for you. Get your annual furnace tune-up and change your filters between visits. 

Clean your air ducts. More than just cleaning, also check them for damage as cracks or breaks can cause airflow problems. Have allergy problems in your home? Consider having a UV light installed to help purify the air. 

Do an HVAC inspection. The wrong size air ducts can create improper distribution of heat and/or cool in your house, as can the wrong size furnace for your square footage. Proper airflow will protect coils from freezing or overheating. 

Conduct an energy audit. Energy audits are a low-cost way to discover areas in your home where heat and cool are escaping. Being under insulated can cost thousands of dollars over the course of your homeownership and is easy to fix. 

Consider smart thermostats and zones. Using zones in your heating and cooling system allows for more accurate thermostat readings and therefore better temperature control. Smart thermostats allow you to control indoor temperatures when Colorado’s weather makes unexpected changes when you are away from home. 

Think about a humidifier. Colorado is dry all year round and a humidifier can increase the comfort you experience in your home without having to adjust the temperature. Air comfort can help balance out your home when temperature fluctuations upset it. 

If the ups and downs on the thermostat are wreaking havoc on your daily comfort, call Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air and have an HVAC technician offer some solutions to support your overall temperature control goals. Whether furnace health, air purifiers and humidifiers, thermostats, temperature zoning, drafts, ducts, or energy loss problems, we are here to help. If we don’t do it, we are happy to refer you to the best contractors in the business! Contact us today at 303-622-5526 to schedule or talk to one of our technicians. 

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