Quarantined? Tips from the Plumbing and Heating Experts at Sunshine

Events are cancelled, public places are closing, and you are likely experiencing some extra time at home. This can be very stressful for some families, so we wanted to offer some tips for reducing that stress, especially in regards to your plumbing and heating systems. 

Extra Flushes, Especially if Using Something Than Toilet Paper 

With more people at home, the likelihood of more bathroom usage is high. Be sure to have a plunger in case of clogs. If you are in a position where toilet paper is limited and you’ve resorted to using other products like wipes, napkins, or paper towel, use them sparingly and/or throw them in the trash instead of the toilet, especially if you are only urinating.  

Trust me that even though wipes say they are flushable, I’ve paid my mortgage on backed up sewer lines because of them. Flush the toilet more often to keep water moving through your drains to help flush the waste down. This will reduce the chance of problematic, immediate clogs, and future sewer line back-ups. 

Keep Clean 

Keep washing hands, wiping surfaces and cleaning fabrics. Reduce indoor allergens and pollutants, as well as kill bacteria and viruses by keeping hands and surfaces clean. Follow manufacturer directions on all cleaning products to be certain they are being used appropriately and effectively. Never mix chemicals as this could be dangerous.  

It’s a great time to do chores and deep cleaning! Carpet, upholstery and vent cleaning is all important now as well. 

Vent Clean Air 

Change the filters on your air conditioning/furnace systems to reduce indoor pollutants. If it is time to replace your inefficient HVAC system, now is the time to learn more. Consider using UV lights or additional filters to better support the air quality in your home.  

Control Humidity 

Humidity can cause a lot of problems for those with respiratory issues. Balance humidity with a whole house humidifier. Check for any leaks and resulting mold, mildew or damage. Open windows when it is nice out and enjoy the sun and fresh air! 

At Sunshine Plumbing, Heating and Air, we have technicians trained and prepared to help you get the comfort and safety you need in your home. Our innovative solutions, like Video Plumber® help us to diagnose and troubleshoot issues without us needing to come into your home. We also have products to improve your air quality and safety. Contact us today for more information or to get scheduled for your plumbing and HVAC needs.   

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