Looking for the Best Water Heater? Here’s What to Look For

Whether it's coming up on another birthday, is leaking, or you are remodeling or building, now is the perfect time to look into the best water heater. With so many options, and such a huge range of pricing, it can be hard to determine which way to go. We’ll take a few minutes to explain water heaters to help guide you the right direction.

First, start with...

Energy Source

Water heaters are either gas or electric. You will have the best cost savings if you swap out gas for gas or electric for electric. If not, you will be swapping out the configuration, and will need to add that to the cost of the new unit. This isn’t a terrible idea however, if for example you are remodeling or building and want to install a gas line for other appliances as well.

There are other options, such as solar and geothermal, but since those aren’t the most popular, we aren’t going to deal with them in this article. Call to speak to our solar and plumbing genius, William if you’d like to chat about more water heater options.

Next, consider...


When your plumber comes to provide a quote for your new water heater, they look at your energy source but also your needed capacity. This helps them determine the right size of water heater, or the amount of demand your tankless water heater will need. Depending on the size of your home and its needs, you could have a 30-gallon to over 60-gallon water heater need.

Many people will swap out a 30-gal for another 30-gal, but if there has been any additions made to the home (such as an added or updated bathroom), that capacity may no longer be a good fit. As a result, you could experience running out of hot water early, or overworking the unit causing it to fail sooner.

Once you have a grasp on the size and energy source, consider...


Today’s water heaters are more energy efficient than ever before, but you still have a range to choose from. In general, tankless water heaters tend to be the most energy efficient, as they only heat water as it is needed, rather than keeping water heated to be distributed in a large tank. Think of it as the difference between boiling a pot of water on the stove versus keeping a tub of bathwater warm.

And finally, it is important to understand...


Quality doesn’t always come with known name brands – some are better than others. Your plumber can help you determine the best water heater for your needs, including costs for installation, permits, re-piping, venting and more. They can share with you the expected life of the unit, warranties, and any special offers from the manufacturer.

Quality also goes beyond the unit, it must also be found in the professional who does the installation. Improper installation can cause even the best water heater to fail prematurely, cause property damage or simply not be as efficient or effective for your needs.

Choose a trustworthy and licensed professional plumber, like those at Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air. Call 303-622-5526 for more information about the best water heater and to get scheduled for a quote today.