7 Summertime Cooling Tips

As the summer comes around into its fullness in Colorado, we can expect the heat to have an impact on our plumbing and cooling systems. Keeping everything running well will limit discomfort so you can enjoy the sunshine without a hitch.

Have Your Cooling System Serviced

It is a bit late to have hit the pre-season savings, so contact your service provider as soon as possible, before there is a problem, to get your cooling system serviced. Preventative maintenance is always less expensive than repairs. Changing of air filters, clearing debris and checking moving parts for damage will inhibit most problems.

If Your Cooling System Is Down

Call right away to get scheduled, as many providers will back log on hot days with cooling system failures. While waiting, or to just help keep your home cooler in general, consider:

Black out curtains. Close blinds and curtains, or if no curtains exist, put a blanket or other dark, sun-blocking fabric up over windows. Even with an air conditioning unit functioning, this tip can help your cooling system work less hard.

Close unused vents. Close vents to basements and/or rooms that are unused so the cooling system is only cooling areas where the air is needed. Make sure the cool air vents aren’t blocked or covered in the areas you use.

Be energy smart. Use a programmable thermostat to keep cool when needed and to save energy when not. Use ceiling or other fans to help increase air flow and cooling throughout your home. Limit the use of appliances that generate heat until the cooler night or morning air can help.

Check out this infographic from the Department of Energy which includes information about the types of cooling systems, troubleshooting issues, and even more tips for keeping cool and saving energy this summer!

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