Commercial Property Preventative Maintenance Services Checklist

Owning a commercial space is very similar in many ways to owning a home. Just like in a home, you pay a mortgage, taxes, and have to perform upkeep. Preventative maintenance, repairs and even improvements, will keep your property performing at its peak, keeping your investment valuable. What items should you be keeping on top of? Our commercial property preventative maintenance checklist is not exhaustive, but will get you thinking about the major areas to be serviced.

Commercial Property Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Plumbing System

Inspect pipes for leaks, age and wear.

Check sewer and drainage for leaks and damage. Consider a sewer scope.

Clean problematic drains, especially those impacted with roots, dirt, debris (including construction debris after remodel), sand, grease and sugar.

Test the function and condition of water heaters, boilers and valves, including safety and shut-off valves

Test your water pressure for proper flow

Have your backflow valve inspected

Assess toilets, sinks, floor drains, bays and any other areas with water and/or drains for proper function

Check pump function (water pumps and sump pumps)

HVAC System

Replace filters on heating and cooling equipment

Lubricate, as needed, any belts and moving components and check for wear

Clean condenser and evaporative coils

Check and recharge refrigerant

Insure air flow, no leaks, and proper drainage

Examine electrical connections

Check operation of thermostats, fan, blower motor, ignition, burner assembly, heat exchange

Inspect outdoor components for dirt, debris and obstructions and resolve

Clean and inspect flue and duct system


Asses any issues with the foundation including cracks and leaks

Review areas for structural damage, such as water damage, pests, erosion

Check for exterior areas for cleaning/power washing including walls, gutters, roofing, downspouts, facades, windows, parking lots and garages

Evaluate landscaping issues such as shifting, erosion, washouts, grading concerns, trip hazards and more

Inspect the area for maintenance issues such as broken windows, doors, walkways, and lighting


Check interior for cosmetic damage, such as drywall, paint, light bulb replacement and cleanliness (such as trash or debris) and clean or repair

Inspect windows for drafts and damage

Repair any broken glass or mirrors

Make sure door hardware, appliances, and safety equipment components are all in good working order and/or up to date (including first aid kits, fire extinguisher, fire alarms)

Test electrical, fire, and security systems

Watch for trip/slip hazards and remedy them

When it comes to Plumbing and HVAC commercial property preventative maintenance services, Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air has the skill, credentials, customer service and technicians to do the job right. Give us call today to get scheduled for a repair, inspection or commercial property preventative maintenance service.

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