Getting a New Gas Line Installed

Considering getting a new gas line installed? Not sure why you would? As a Colorado homeowner, gas line installation can offer quite a few benefits and perks you may not have been aware of. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a plumber to install a new gas line: 


Only a licensed plumber should install a gas line, as they have the proper training and licensing to do so. Rusting pipes, wrong materials, loose fittings, improper set up or supports, and failing to follow construction code could lead to gas leaks and/or explosions. 

Safety is a priority, so all gas lines should be inspected to ensure they are up to code in any remodel, install or replacement to keep you and your family safe. 


Natural gas is an efficient way to cook, run your gas appliances, and even heat your home. Natural gas provides direct heat- ideal for cooking both indoors and outdoors. In Colorado, outdoor entertaining can happen year-round and a grill or outdoor fireplace makes that welcoming and fun. 

Direct heat means cooking heat is consistent, providing the amount of heat you need, when you need it. 


Replacing current gas appliances with energy efficient ones will save you money in both installation and operation. Additionally, gas appliances don't rely on electricity and therefore work even when the power is out, providing reliable performance. 

Gas appliances burn cleaner and maintain a high resale value. 


Installing a gas line makes it possible to add additional gas features in the future, easily. If you already have a gas line, you can expand it to best meet your needs and wants such as for an outdoor cooking area, a new gas range, indoor or outdoor fireplaces and more. 

Furnaces, boilers and dryers can all run off of gas lines, giving you even more options when you are ready to make a switch. 

Ready for some outdoor entertaining and need a new gas line installed? Wanting to remodel and improve with gas appliances? Call Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air today to get scheduled and start experiencing the benefits of natural gas for yourself! 


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