What is the Benefit of an Air Conditioning Tune Up?

Colorado has the most interesting weather! We can deal with both heat and air conditioning in the same month, week and even day… That makes spring and fall great times to have your furnace and air conditioning serviced.

Tune-ups are important as preventative maintenance will help your system stay at its maximum efficiency. Just as you perform regular service on your vehicle, and annual check-ups on your health, you want to provide regular care to your furnace and air conditioning units.

Unexpected failure is never fun. Tune ups help to catch problems while they are still small and manageable, rather than after a huge, expensive malfunction. Many of these malfunctions could have been prevented with regular care, which includes cleaning and filter changes.

Your furnace and air conditioning units have lots of moving parts, and all those parts need to be working optimally to create the right temperature control as well as maintain efficiency. Like your car, it needs fluids, filters and parts to stay healthy and run properly.

Regular tune-ups of your air conditioning unit can reduce major breakdowns by nearly 95% and reduce utility bills by increasing efficiency, yet many people over look doing them. Spring is the ideal time for Air Conditioning Tune Ups allows you to beat the rush and higher prices that go into effect once the summer hits. Air conditioning tune ups can be scheduled once the weather warms to a consistent 70 degrees. We need at least 3 days of warm weather to do air conditioning tune up services in order to get accurate readings.

Our Air Conditioning Tune Up features:

An inspection of coolant levels

Pressure check

Thermostat calibration

Check cycle temperature

Inspect wiring and contacts

Clean the evaporator coil

Clear the evaporative drain

Clean the condenser

Check and lubricate the condenser fan motor and blade

Check outdoor connection

Check amps

A qualified HVAC technician performing an Air Conditioning Tune Up will save you time and money. Call Sunshine Plumbing Heating and Air to schedule your pre-season tune-up to save even more!