Water Filtration: Do you need it?

Does your water smell like sulfur or chlorine?

Have you noticed sediment or iron in the water or calcification on your fixtures?

If you experience hard water and don’t want to feel slimy, condition the water instead. Conditioning the water actually changes it, rather than softening, which adds salt and tends to leave a slimy feeling on your skin.

What if you could avoid buying bottled water for 10 years?

Water filtration

Sunshine is proud to offer the Halo Water Filtration Systems.

Here’s a quick break down of each water filtration and conditioning product and how it can help:

Halo system is a whole house water filtration and conditioning system. It has 4 stages of water filtration and 1 stage of conditioning. The filter means you will be able to use less soap, and your dishes and laundry will look cleaner. You can drink water straight from the tap instead of using bottled water. It filters chlorine, sediment, iron (this causes a sulfur smell when hot water is used) and other contaminants. It is maintenance free for 10 years. It contains the Ion 9.

Ion 6 conditions water heaters- designed to condition water just at water heater or tankless unit. Conditions the water to reduce hardness and scale. It does NOT soften the water (by adding salt), it actually changes the water from negative to positive. It helps to extend the life of a water heater by reducing scale and calcification.

Ion 9 is whole house conditioner designed to condition all the water points of use. (It is installed on main water line, excluding water that goes to the lawn). Like the Ion 6, it changes the water, not softens it. (Softeners leave a slimy feel, this does not). This causes water in every water outlet to not have scale and calcification build up.

These products will eliminate scale and calcium and make pipes look new again and are designed to last 10 years maintenance free.

Halo Solo system is a whole house water filtration system. It is designed for people who do not have hard water, but want water filtration. It is a 4 stage filtration system and does not contain the Ion conditioning product.

If you are interested in learning more about the Halo water filtration system and to see if they are right for you, or to schedule a service call, give us a call today at 303-459-5469.

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