Water Heater Repair in Denver

Water Heater Repair in Denver

Water Heater Repair In DenverCommon Water Heater Problems and How to Prevent Them

At Sunshine Plumbing Heating & Air, we understand that a water heater is generally ignored until it breaks. After all, there’s nothing quite as unpleasant as waking up in the morning to a cold shower. However, with a little preventative maintenance, you can extend the life of your water heater, reduce emergency service calls, and save money off your energy bills.

- What to watch out for

When it comes to water heaters, The best defense is a good offense. If you notice any of the following, please give us a call right away:
*Your water is yellow, brown, or smells bad
Over time, sediment can build up in your water heater tank. This sediment makes your water heater work harder, the build up wastes energy, and it can also corrode the actual tank. To remove it, your water heater needs to be flushed.
*You have less hot water than before
This is a sign that a repair is needed, so please give us a call. Whatever you do, never turn up the heater in an attempt to get more hot water. Besides being a safety risk, this is only a band-aid that could actually make the problem worse.
*Your water isn’t as hot as before
Again, never turn up your water heater as a short term fix. If your water heater doesn’t heat water like it once did, then your anode rod might need to be replaced.
*Higher energy bills
Your energy bills are a sort of pulse on your home. A sudden spike is an indication of a problem.

– What regular maintenance we suggest
At Sunshine Plumbing Heating & Air, we want our customers to always have hot water when they need it. We also want to help them avoid costly repairs and emergency visits. That’s why we strongly recommend that our customers have their water heater serviced at least once a year by one of our qualified technicians. During the service visit we will:
*Flush the tank
*Check the anode rod
*Look for leaks
*Perform a safety inspection

At Sunshine Plumbing Heating & Air, we’re proud to put our great customers in Denver, Colorado first. The next time your water heater is having problems, please give us a chance to serve you.