Low Flow Toilets in Denver

Low flow toilets use considerably less water than a standard toilet. New models use approximately 1.6 gallons per flush versus the 3.5 gallons or more of previous models. While the water conservation and cost savings were substantial, low flow toilets were not welcomed when first introduced. They suffered from several problems. As a result, they did not operate as effectively as older model commodes. These deficiencies have been corrected with the introduction of larger flapper valves, which is the hole in the bottom of the tank. Other improvements include a larger, glazed trapway. This is the hole in the bottom of the bowl. These design modifications enable a low flow toilet to flush with the same force as its older model counterpart.

There are three low flow designs from which to choose. The first is a gravity-fed tank, which operates similar to a standard toilet. It is typically the least expensive to purchase and install. The second model is a two-button flush design. One button produces a 0.8-gallon flush for liquids while the other button delivers the full 1.6-gallon flush for solid waste. A two-button model is more expensive than a regular gravity-fed tank design but can save money by conserving more water. The final model incorporates pressure-assisted flushing. A jet of pressurized air assists the water in emptying the bowl. This final model is more expansive and louder during operation than a gravity-fed design.

There are a wide range of colors and styles of low flow toilets from which to choose. When it comes time to install a new toilet, contact Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air in Denver for more information on the low flow design that is right for you and your family.