Lennox AC Units

Lennox AC Units

Lennox AC UnitsSummer is going to be here before you know it. Do you have plans to deal with your old HVAC system that you have been using for years in your home? We are an authorized Lennox dealer, and we would like to let you know about some of the great products Lennox is offering these days. These systems are sure to make you smile!

XC25 Air Conditioner systems - Lennox AC Units Lennox XC 25 Air Conditioner

If you are looking for a smaller AC unit that is extremely efficient and reliable, the XC25 may be right up your alley.

Lennox XC25 Product Brochure

With great energy efficient ratings – up to 26.00 SEER, this unit is top of the line when it comes to cooling your home in the most cost efficient manner.

SunSource® Solar-Ready option – Want to employ some solar in your cooling system? This allows some solar modules to be used so that your home can be cooled at an even lower price point.

Want to prevent greenhouse gases? This air conditioner has been rated very high from Energy Stars best of 2014 list.

  • Super quiet – as low as 59db, making it about half the volume of a traditional AC unit.
  • Very precise comfort settings – change details within just 1% of settings ensuring the perfect temperature at all times.
  • Highly reviewed by users who have this model. A 4.8 out of 5 star average as of the writing date of this page.

Lennox XC21 Air Conditioning Unit

XC21 Air Conditioner systems - Lennox AC UnitsAnother popular air conditioning unit from Lennox is the XC21 air condition unit.

This unit has the same popular energy savings features along with all the same quiet operation details. It is a bit less expensive than most models of AC units in its class.

Specification sheet for the Lennox XC21 AC Unit

This AC Unit is all about consistency. Your home will enjoy the same temperature at all times without having to consistently fiddle with thermostat settings.

Super quiet and efficient 2 stage air conditioning unit!

This AC Unit is rated up to 21.00 SEER

SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the number, the better the efficiency.

69db – 20% more quiet than a traditional AC unit.

Lennox X17 AC Unit

XC17 Air Conditioner systems - Lennox AC UnitsMaybe you are thinking you would like something that works awesome to cool your home, but just a bit less expensive. The Lennox X17 AC unit might be just what you are looking for.

Lennox X17 Product Brochure

Efficiency rating of 18.00 SEER makes this unit more efficient than most AC units on the market.

Want the solar modules on this AC unit, yes you can add them to decrease your cost and your environmental footprint even more.

The most energy efficient single stage AC unit you can purchase.

Reduce your energy costs and relax in comfort with the Lennox X17 AC Unit here in Denver!

Lennox X16 Air Conditioning Unit

XC16 Air Conditioner - Lennox AC UnitsLennox also offers the X16 AC Unit. A staple for many homes in the Denver market who value efficiency and comfort for their homes.

Efficiency rating of 17.20 SEER

X16 Product Brochure

10 year limited warranty on the product

More environmentally friendly as this unit uses a Chlorine free refrigerant.

Drainage holes making sure there isn’t damage to the base pan.

Lennox XC14 Air Conditioner

XC14 Air Conditioner - Lennox AC UnitsWe know, all of these air conditioning options can get confusing. This is why we have specialists who can look at your home or business and get you the perfect AC unit that will deal with the size of your home as well as the energy needs you have to ensure the AC unit you purchase is the best AC unit for your home!

Efficiency rating of up to 16.00 SEER

Exceeds the Energy Star guidelines for this class of AC unit.

Lennox XC 14 Product Brochure

70db decibel level. Quiet operation. Stay comfortable with this unit the whole summer.

Savings programs may be available. Call us for details. Lennox has some information on savings programs available to on their site.

Lennox 14ACX Air Conditioner

14ACX Air Conditioner - Lennox AC UnitsMeets or exceeds Energy Star Ratings for Air Conditioning Units.

Product brochure for the Lennox 14ACX Unit

Like all of Lennox’s products, the 14ACX thrives on providing exceptional cooling for a low price point and offering all the energy efficiency a Colorado home owner expects out of their AC unit.

This AC Unit has an efficiency rating of 14.00 SEER

Humidity control features are available with this unit.

Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air is also providing specials if you call and ask on any of the Lennox units which are listed on this page.

Lennox 13ACX Air Conditioning Unit

13ACX Air Conditioner - Lennox AC UnitsRounding out the AC units we sell from Lennox is the highly reliable 13ACX unit.

Lennox 13ACX Product Brochure

Efficiency rating of 13.00 SEER

Give us a call to get a quote on this Lennox AC unit or any AC unit if you are ready to look at replacing your current system in favor of a highly efficient and reliable AC unit here in Denver. We have years of experience installing high quality AC units here in Denver. We would love you work with you and your family.

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