Garbage Disposal Repairs and Installation

Garbage Disposal Repairs And Installation

Garbage Disposal Installation

A home’s garbage disposal is a modern marvel of convenience; rather than trucking vegetable leftovers out to the garbage everyday, you can simply wash them down the drain. Besides saving you some extra trips outside, a garbage disposal can also keep nasty smells out of your kitchen and reduce the amount of garbage your household is sending to the dump.

How to keep your disposal working great:

While a garbage disposal is designed to be a workhorse, this doesn’t mean that they are indestructible. To keep your disposal working great for years to come, please don’t put any of the following in it:

  • Eggs
  • Bones
  • Plastic
  • Celery
  • Seeds or nuts
  • Anything made of metal
  • Apple cores

All of these materials can damage the blade, wear out the motor, or clog your pipes. Should anything accidentally fall in the garbage disposal, make sure you disconnect the power supply before trying to remove it.

What to do if your disposal stops working:

A garbage disposal, like any appliance, can wear down, need repair, or even break. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a stuck flywheel. Other times, however, the issue is more complicated and will require expert knowledge.

Because garbage disposal repair can be dangerous, it’s suggested that homeowners leave the work to professionals. Whatever you do, never stick your hand down a garbage disposal without disconnecting the power source; never rely on the switch simply being turned off.