Denver HVAC Sales

Denver HVAC SalesWhen our customers need to replace furnaces, air conditioners or accessories with new devices, we are here to assist. Understanding the best climate control for a particular building requires expertise. Our knowledgeable technicians at Sunshine Plumbing, Heating and Air in Denver can analyze a building’s current ductwork to order an efficient model of air conditioner or furnace. We are available to install ductwork or climate control devices at residential or commercial properties. In addition to installing HVAC devices in new buildings, we are able to remove old systems before installing an air conditioner or furnace in an old building.

Choosing a Furnace

Quality heating systems are required from autumn to spring to stay warm inside a private residence or business. The type of heating system chosen depends on the energy source, size of building and personal choice. Most buildings have furnaces that use electricity or natural gas, but oil furnaces are still available. We suggest that customers look at a furnace in person to see if they like its appearance. While most furnaces are hidden in basements or closets, our customers must access the devices to change filters each month. We can provide information on the heating device’s energy rating and features to help customers make a purchasing decision.

Order Air-Conditioning Systems

A functional air-conditioning system is also necessary in the hot summer months in Colorado to avoid heat related illnesses. Our team of technicians can recommend an appropriate air conditioner for a building based on its wiring, ductwork and size. Centrally located air conditioners are the most popular, when ductwork is available. Of course, other types of air-conditioning systems are available such as a window or ductless mini split model. Window air conditioners are a great option for customers with a small budget while ductless mini split devices are suitable for larger buildings without ductwork.

Selecting New Ductwork

Our Sunshine Plumbing, Heating and Air technicians are also able to help customers select the proper air duct systems needed in a building. Having the correct ductwork added to a new or older structure can reduce energy costs because cool or warm air flows better. Customers can choose between durable metal or flexible ductwork materials for a building’s climate control devices. While metal ductwork is longer lasting and preferable in most buildings, flexible systems are frequently necessary in older structures with difficult to reach locations.