Denver Boiler Repairs - Tips to Hire a Professional

Denver Boiler Repairs - Tips to Hire a Professional

Denver Boiler Repairs - Tips To Hire A ProfessionalDoes your home or business have a boiler? Do you have some serious issues with the boiler? Have you been thinking about fixing it yourself? Stop! Before you pull out the tools and wrenches, it is important to know boiler repair is not a simple home fix. It is very dangerous without proper training.

Even some plumbers have had some very bad luck when trying to fix a boiler system. Which is why it is critical to hire a Denver Plumber who has both the experience and the training on how to safely and consistently fix boilers without issues.

William Frew, one of the owners of Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air has worked with boilers since 1986. Yes, this is nearly 30 years of professional experience diagnosing, repair and replacing old boiler systems.

What to do when your boiler is losing pressure:

The first thing you would want to do is to make sure there isn’t water leaks near the boiler. Then, once you have determined if there is a water leak, you would assume it was the pressure valve if there was no water on the ground. These can go defective and need replacing over time. Ultimately, if you are not really sure what is wrong, a boiler, like electrical, is not a place to be practicing your handyman skills.

Our Tips on Hiring a Professional Plumber to Fix Faulty Boilers:

  • Ask specific questions about their experience
  • Never attempt to fix a boiler if you haven’t been trained
  • Ask if there are any Plumbing Specials you can take advantage of

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