Boiler Repair in Denver

Boiler Repair in Denver

Boiler Repair In DenverBoiler Repair

One of the most common problems homeowners experience is a boiler leak. This problem can happen for a number of reasons. Troubleshooting and quick repairs prevent the problem from getting out of control and becoming a costly repair. Leaks are a common boiler repair problem.

Why is my boiler leaking?

Boiler seal damage

Boiler seal damage is a common cause for leaks. Water can escape if the seals are damaged. The pump itself could be contributing to the problem in pushing water out through the seals. If this is the problem, a technician can replace the seals and make sure that the problem is addressed.

Corrosion issues

Corrosion is another major issue. Corrosion can develop freely inside the tank and along the valves as well. If this happens, the metal container can become weak. This could eventually causes gaps along the tank itself. If caught too late, the entire tank may have to end up being replaced.

Excessive pressure

High pressure can also cause leaks to develop. The added pressure can cause blockage in the release valve. The water pressure can develop when limescale levels get too high and obstruct the water’s pathway. Professionals can seal the leak and make the necessary repairs to create the right amount of pressure.

Cracks to the tank

Cracks can also cause leaks. Over time, the system undergoes a significant amount of stress due to repeated cycling between warm and hot temperatures. Eventually, the crack will form in a section. The repairs can be expensive if the cracks are severe enough.

Loose parts

It isn’t uncommon for the parts to become loose. Leakage around the boiler occurs when temperatures fluctuate. A technician can check all of the pipes and tubes attached to the boiler and tighten them as appropriate to resolve this problem. This type of problem usually results in a minor leak.

A minor problem like a boiler leak can raise energy costs for a household. If the boiler isn’t serviced regularly, one may have to replace their boiler system much more frequently. A boiler leak problem should be corrected immediately. If minor repairs are performed earlier on, the unit’s service life can be extended. If you have ever noticed leaking or any minor changes in the performance of the system, schedule a consultation today to have the problem diagnosed.