Automatic Shutoff Valves

Automatic shut off valves are a newer technology created to prevent home catastrophes due to water damage. In most systems, the home’s water pressure is monitored in numerous locations throughout the house and can detect a drop in pressure, indicating a water leak.

If a leak is detected, the valve will automatically close, preventing the leak from causing substantial damage. In some systems, a single valve is used at the water main. In others a number of valves can be installed near several appliances. In these systems, only a portion of the home’s water supply is turned off.

In more advanced systems, the automatic shut off valves can be integrated into a home’s security system and can be configured remotely with the use of a computer or smart phone. This system can be handy for those often leaving the home unattended for days at a time. The system will notify the homeowner of a leak and shut off.

Water damage due to leaking pipes or appliances continues to be one of the most common insurance claims. Appliances connected to the main water supply, such as washing machines and hot water heaters wear out over time, often springing leaks.

An undetected water leak will do more than cause a spike in the owner’s water bill. A leak can and will cause damage to wood flooring, carpeting, drywall and electrical systems. In the worst cases, mold can develop if the leak continues for a period of time. An automatic shut off valve is a form of insurance against this unexpected misfortune.

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