Pressure Reducing Valve Installation

Pressure Reducing Valve Installation

We handle water heaters and tankless heaters

We handle water heaters and tankless heaters

Pressure Reducing Valves in Denver

Many people are choosing to get a pressure reducing valve Denver installed. Pressure reducing valves offer a number of benefits. Below are some of the ways that one can benefit from a pressure reducing valve:

Save Water

The higher the pressure, the more water will flow through the system. A lot of the water that flows through the system is wasted. This can help you save money on your water and sewer bill. It is estimated that the average home can save between 30,000 and 40,000 pounds of water per year by using a water pressure valve.

Save Energy

If there is less water flowing through the system, then less energy will need to be heated. This can help you save money on your energy bill. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 30 percent of the water that is used inside of the home is heated. If less hot water is used, then less energy will be used also.

Good For The Environment

Because pressure reducing valves help conserve water, they are good for the environment. You will be helping preserve water supplies. You will also be saving more water for the fish and other animals. Getting a pressure reducing valve installed is one of the little-known ways that people can protect the environment.

It is best to call a professional to get a pressure reducing valve installed. Your plumber will tell you about the different types of pressure reducing valves and help you select the one that is best for your home.