Dealing with Hard Water in Denver

We handle water heaters and tankless heaters

We handle water heaters and tankless heaters

Having hard water in your home can be more than a mere nuisance. In addition to having to use much more soap than you care to admit, hard water can also cause damage to your pipes and appliances. At first, the problem does not seem particularly troubling if you are only thinking about your coffee maker or electric kettle. Those are fairly easy to clean by simply running them through a cycle of water diluted with vinegar.

However, if you also consider your boiler, your water tank, or your washing machine, you might start appreciating the costly damage hard water can cause in your home.

In most cases, water hardness can be simply resolved with the installation of a water softener. As the water passes through this unit, it will remove minerals such as magnesium and calcium so that it will no longer pose a threat to your plumbing and appliances.

To determine the exact hardness of your water and the kind of water softener you need, you can consult a local plumbing service. For instance, in Denver, where the water is harder during the winter months than in the spring and summer, Sunshine Plumbing can come to your home to assess your exact problems and offer a full-service solution.