Small Leaks, Big Issues

Small Leaks, Big IssuesWhat Damages Can Small Leaks Cause

When you’re dealing with plumbing, even an issue that seems small can cause a serious problem. Homeowners usually ignore a small leak with the assumption it will go away; however, it usually never does.So how can a small leak cause so many issues? Check these ways below:1. Mold is a serious problem, and moisture is the main issue.

A small leak can cause mold where the water lands. Not only will mold start to grow, but it will multiply overtime as more water leaks and damages the walls, wood, and structure of your home. Mold is extremely harmful to humans and animals and can endanger everyone in the house.

2. Small leaks will destroy the surfaces it comes in contact with.

Although it won’t happen overnight, overtime the standing water will continue to accumulate and cause more damage. It will damage any walls that get wet, expand wood beams, and ruin the foundation under the pipe that’s leaking.

3. Low Performance

A leaking pipe can cause low water performance. While this isn’t a huge issue at first, it can be quite annoying and can get worse overtime.
If you’re having small leaks in your home, hire Denver CO plumbers to get your leak fixed as soon as possible.