Sump Pumps in Denver

Sump Pump Installation and Repair

Homes and businesses with flood-prone crawl spaces, basements, or other areas often need a good sump pump to keep them dry, clean, and healthy. Dirt, germs, and animals that come with excess water in such spaces are a major concern and need to be guarded against. KC Plumbing Repair knows the ins and outs of sump pumps of every size and description and can assist KC area residents with all their sump pump needs.

We can discuss with the customer the best type of sump pump to install in their water-prone area. We at KC Plumbing will secure the sump pump firmly as well as the discharge pipe to reduce unwanted noise. Our pumps are energy efficient and can save you dollars.

A pump with the motor power, size, and flotation method most appropriate to your situation is available for installation. If your pump is acting up, we know how to get in those small, wet spaces and do the dirty work till the problem is solved. We can unclog, clean, or repair the motor or wiring on your pump. We can identify the issue with your pump and get it running regular again.

In addition, we have developed an excellent sump pump back up system that will get a secondary pump running when your primary pump fails. It comes with alarms that notify you of problems with the back up pump so as to keep it reliable.

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