Old Pipes Causing Issues?

Old Plumbing Pipes

There are two types of plumbing pipe that were once common but are now rare or no longer being installed: lead pipes and galvanized steel pipes. Sunshine Plumbing is prepared to serve KC-area customers in regard to repair or replacement of such old-style piping.

Lead pipes are now a thing of the past, but some older homes may still contain them. Due to safety reasons, it is advisable to have them removed and replaced. Some copper pipes also have lead used to solder them together, and Sunshine Plumbing knows how to deal with such seams as these.

Galvanized steel pipes are not as popular now as in early years. This is because the galvanizing element breaks down and reacts with minerals in the water to cause mineral build-up. Then rust and leakage can ensue as well, and brownish or orange-colored water may show up coming out of the faucet. We at Sunshine Plumbing know when it is time to replace galvanized steel pipes and how to fix them if they are not yet defunct.

Sunshine Plumbing Repair staff is experienced not only in installing and repairing new pipe types but also at repairing or replacing pipe types more commonly used in times gone by. We can explain to the customer the problem, give him a free estimate, and get to work right away. Bring us your old pipe problems and we can deliver solutions.