Handling a Clogged Drain

Hair removed from a clogged drainWhy Clogged Drains Are A Professional’s Domain

When people get clogged drains in their homes or businesses, there is usually an initial feeling of frustration as the water flows the wrong way. But after a while, most people feel resigned to the fact that they will have to deal with the problem on their own.

Clogs are not as simple as you may think and improperly handing a clog can cause more harm than good. There are several good reasons why you should call a professional plumbers, such as Sunshine Plumbing Heating and Air, when you get a clog.

Popular Clog Removal Methods Can Cause Damage

People who use unraveled clothes hangers or long screwdrivers to try and remove clogs are doing damage to their plumbing. Those sharp objects will scratch the inside of your drain and could puncture your pipes.

Clog Removal Methods Are Not Universal

Liquid clog remover may work in the bathroom sink, but it can cause serious damage in your toilet or bathtub. The biggest misconception that people have about clogs is that one solution will work on every clog. The truth is that it takes a professional plumber to know what tools to use to get the job done right.

Clogs Can Go Deep

A bathtub drain collects hair and other debris over a long period of time before it finally develops into a clog. When you try to remove that debris yourself, you could be pushing it deeper into the plumbing and making it worse. A professional knows how to handle clogs and how to remove them properly.

Never take a clog for granted. The next time you get a clogged drain, call a professional like Sunshine here in Denver to get the job done right.