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Top 9 Things to Consider

When Hiring a Plumber or HVAC Specialist

Hiring a professional plumber or HVAC specialist in Denver or Commerce City can become complicated, especially if you are not used to the plumbing or HVAC industry. When our clients contact us, our aim is to make them SMILE. Every technician is different, so here are some ways to avoid working with a company who may cause issues down the road for you.

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  • Are they on time?
    If they can’t show up for a simple appointment, will they be able to cover their warranties? We all understand things can happen, especially in Denver weather, but if something happens, shouldn’t you at least get a call to let you know they are going to be late?
  • Are they trained?
    This can be tricky, a good question to ask is what plumbing or HVAC product manufacturer have they been trained on? If they have not gotten professional training and invested into making sure they do each job right, do you want them in your home?
  • Are they safe?
    At Sunshine, we screen our employees. This means we check criminal records. The technician is going to be in your home. Shouldn’t they have a clean criminal and drug history? We believe so!
  • Do they have a truck?
    This sounds silly, but if a company hasn’t even paid to have vehicles with their logos on them or don’t carry inventory on their trucks, how efficient will they be on your job? You are getting billed by the hour, doesn’t it make more sense to have them walk to his or her truck than have to drive miles away for a simple part?
  • Are they listed in the BBB or other trusted online resources?
    If a company has been around for a while, they invest in their reputation.
  • How many technicians are on staff?
    Many companies with just one or two staff members struggle because if there is a freeze in Denver or Commerce City, they get a lot of calls that day and then cannot get to everyone else. It is good to know in a plumbing, heating, or cooling emergency, you can get help!
  • Are they insured?
    If your plumber or HVAC technician is not insured, that is a big issue. Your house is worth a lot of money and they should have professional liability insurance to protect you and your family. Beware of super low bids – Of course these are tempting, we all love to save money and do things cheaply. However, someone who is much cheaper than other plumbers, there is a reason. Be cautious of super low, or for that matter, super high bids. Most bids will be within 10% or 15% of other bids.

Technicians who try and pressure you – Plumbing, heating, and AC emergencies are difficult. Having extra pressures to start a job is a bad start. If anyone is doing the pressuring, you should be pressuring them to start the job.

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