7 Home Improvement Projects Homeowners Need to Research now for Spring

Spring is the time most homeowners start digging into home improvement projects. While the weather is still wintery (that’s a nice way of saying crappy) here in the greater Denver area, it’s the perfect time to begin researching which projects to take on and why. Here are our top picks:

Gas Line Installation

Gas lines are great for Colorado because they allow you to have an outdoor grill ready year-round. Winter can have sunny days perfect for grilling, and an outdoor fire pit can really warm up our cool fall nights.

Once you have a gas line installed, you can equip your home for other gas appliances as well, such as a chef’s favorite gas stove, an energy saving water heater, or that toasty warm fireplace you’ve been dreaming of.

Updated Air Conditioning

Whether you rely on central air or prefer an evaporative cooler, now is the time to research the best options for your home. Early research and shopping can help you make a decision before it is in high heat, and high demand. Your HVAC technician performs several measurements to pair the perfect cooling solution with your space and goals.

Be ready for the summer heat with updated cooling systems, thermostats, filters and duct work.

Updated Furnace

It may seem silly to consider a new furnace in the spring, but demand is low and so are the prices. Rebates tend to be very generous for furnace replacement, and some companies even offer heavy discounts when an air conditioning system is purchased along with a furnace. Research your options now to see what great deals you can cash in on.

Sump Pump

When the spring comes, so do the rain showers. Be prepared by checking that your sump pump is in good working order prior to the winter thaw. A flooded basement or crawlspace is no fun any time of year, but it is most likely at the end of winter and into the spring.

If you know you have issues with water run-off, have a plumber check your sump pump’s condition as part of your annual maintenance.

Kitchen Upgrade

Kitchen upgrades can give your home a new look and also increase your home value. This makes it a very attractive home improvement project. New sink installation, new faucets, even new appliances, can completely change your home’s appeal and usability.

Bathroom Upgrade

Bathroom upgrades are second to kitchens when it comes to adding value to your home. New fixtures, additions and even a simple swap out of a toilet can make the space better adapted, more modern and looking fresh and clean.


Does your laundry room need a face lift? Mudrooms are still a trend and having a super-efficient and high function area is perfect for Colorado “outdoorsy” types. Upgrading your washer and dryer, making more space for storage, and creating more organization is the goal of this upgrade. If you need hook-ups or pipes moved or upgraded, a plumber should be your first call for research so you don’t make a plan that just can’t happen.

Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air offers project quotes to help you in your research of your next home improvement project. Call to schedule a quote at 303-622-5526, and either a plumber or HVAC technician can provide it while conducting regular maintenance, or use our Video Plumber® service to get a quote over video.

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