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Blog Posts in September, 2014

  • Dealing with Hard Water in Denver

    We handle water heaters and tankless heaters Having hard water in your home can be more than a mere nuisance. In addition to having to use much more soap than you care to admit, hard water can also cause damage to your pipes and appliances. At first, the problem does not seem particularly troubling if you are only thinking about your coffee maker or electric kettle. Those are fairly easy to clean ...
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  • Common Problems Plumbers Fix

    Few things are as aggravating as plumbing that doesn’t work the way it should. Even if the plumbing is in good shape, there are some things that should be left to a plumbing contractor, like installing gas lines. The good news is that the plumbers at Sunshine Plumbing take pride in our experience, skill and customers’ satisfaction. Plumbing techniques and equipment are advancing at a truly amazing ...
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  • A Plumber Can Fix Your Clogged Toilet - Fast!

    Clogged toilets can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, too much toilet paper was flushed and the toilet simply couldn’t keep up with it. In other cases, an object has been fallen into the toilet and was flushed, which resulted in the toilet clogging. But a clogged toilet could also be a sign that you have more serious issues with your home’s plumbing installation. There could be something ...
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  • Garbage Disposal Installation Video - Denver Plumber

    Video Transcript for Garbage Disposal Install Hi, I’m William here with Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air. Today, we’re going to be putting in a Badger 5 garbage disposal by Insinkerator. We’re going to need a couple tools to do this. We’re going to need a screwdriver, a pair of channellocks, some plumber’s putty, a labeler to put the date on – that’s always good to do – and who put the garbage ...
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  • Clogged Toilets in Denver

    A clogged toilet is, unfortunately, a very common problem that homeowners face. Toilet backups can lead to a great deal of annoyance and aggravation. They can also cause unsanitary bathroom conditions. There are many potential causes for clogged toilets. Excessive toilet paper, sewer pipes that have been invaded by roots or rodents, soap scum, and rust are all common causes. Some homeowners try so ...
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  • Boiler Installation in Denver

    Boiler Install in Denver If you are in need of having a boiler installed here in Denver, Sunshine Plumbing offers excellent solutions and services. A boiler is a hydronic system that uses steam or hot water in order to heat your residence or commercial property. With a hot water boiler, the water is heated and then moves throughout the pipes that connect to the radiator or baseboard heater in ...
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  • Pipe Leaks in Denver

    If you have a pipe leak, you may feel that you can do the job, but without the proper tools and knowledge of how to fix leaks, a small leak can quickly turn into a huge one. Take a trip to a local hardware store and it becomes evident how many specialized tools are needed for particular jobs. Sunshine plumbing can assist you quickly and efficiently with your pipe leak. Pipe leaks can cause ...
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  • Boiler Repairs in Denver

    Boiler Repair Denver If you have a problem with your boiler, then you will need to get it repaired as soon as possible. One very small problem can very easily end up being a costly repair. It is also important to remember that it is breaks down, then you will not have any heat in your home. That is why you will need to recognize the signs of a boiler problem. Below are some signs that you need ...
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  • Affordable Denver Plumbers

    We handle water heaters and tankless heaters Affordable Plumbers Denver It can be very difficult to find an affordable plumber in Denver these days. Some plumbers are affordable, but they will not offer quality service. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can find an affordable plumber. Below are some tips for finding a great plumber for an affordable price: Shop Around One of the best ...
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  • Water Leak Repairs in Denver

    Water Leak Repair in Denver A water leak in the home can be anything from a simple line under the sink that has come undone or a major leak underneath the house that you can’t repair. If you have a water leak here in Denver, then consider Sunshine Plumbing for the repairs so that you will have water flowing as soon as possible. There are some common leaks in the home that are caused by various ...
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  • Denver Discount Plumbing

    If you are in need of plumbing services within the Denver area, Sunshine Plumbing is available to provide you with maintenance, repairs and installation when you need it the most. Best of all, by offering everyday discount prices on high-quality services, customers are able to receive all of the services that they need at a price that they are able to afford. There’s no need to pay outrageous fees ...
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  • Garbage Disposal Installation Denver

    Susan, William and Zenaida Frew. Zenaida is the management of Sunshine in Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air! Garbage Disposals Installed in Denver If you are interested in having a garbage disposal installed within your Denver, Colorado home, Sunshine Plumbing is available to provide you with the services that are needed. Garbage disposal units are typically installed underneath the kitchen sink ...
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  • Gas Line Installation Denver

    Sunshine Plumbing in Denver offers efficient plumbing services. Gas line maintenance is important; without professional services, everyone in the home will be at risk. For example, people go to the hospital each year because of gas leaks that are not recognized. Leaks cause many health issues, but the most common issue is asphyxiation. In some cases, a leak can also cause a huge fireball. The ...
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  • Dealing With High Water Pressure

    High Water Pressure Issues Denver The water pressure inside of your home should be between 50 and 70 psi. If your water pressure is too high, then it can cause pipe damage and leaks. It can also cause you to waste a lot of water and money. You can very easily check the water pressure in your home by using a water pressure gauge. You will also need to look out for some of the signs of high water ...
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  • Pressure Reducing Valve Installation

    We handle water heaters and tankless heaters Pressure Reducing Valves in Denver Many people are choosing to get a pressure reducing valve Denver installed. Pressure reducing valves offer a number of benefits. Below are some of the ways that one can benefit from a pressure reducing valve: Save Water The higher the pressure, the more water will flow through the system. A lot of the water that flows ...
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  • Backflow Preventers in Denver

    Backflow Preventers Denver Backflow occurs when the water from a plumbing system or pipeline reverses from its intended direction and causes major problems. It occurs as the result of one of two things. It can occur if there is an increase in pressure inside of the system. It can also occur if the pressure inside of the system is lowered. Backflow is very dangerous because it causes the water to ...
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  • HVAC Contractor in Denver

    HVAC Denver HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Before the heat or cold sets in, you will need to make sure that your system is working properly. Below are some of the signs that you will need to hire a HVAC company Denver: You Notice Something Is Different Even if you do not think there is a problem with your system, you should contact a professional if you notice anything ...
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  • Denver AC Contractor

    Professional Installation by a Denver Air Conditioning Contractor Your Denver, Colorado, home or business could become uncomfortable without an air conditioner during the summer months, but an air conditioning contractor can install and maintain your unit to ensure proper temperature regulation. This can be especially important for Denver’s businesses, as a customer who is coming in after a local ...
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  • Denver Heating Contractor

    Denver Heating Contractors Offer Maintenance and Efficiency Many Denver, Colorado, home and business owners contact contractors when they need their heaters installed or repaired. However, many should also take advantage of the maintenance services available. With regular maintenance, the life of a unit can be extended and demand fewer repairs, saving owners money over the long term by increasing ...
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  • Radient Heating Systems in Denver

    Radiant Heater Denver A radiant heating system supplies heat directly to the ceiling of the house, panels or floor. This type of system is dependent on radiant heat transfer, which is transferring heat from the hot surface to the objects and people inside of a home via infrared radiation. Radiant heating is the reason, you can feel the heat from a hot stove from across the room. It is important to ...
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  • Hot Water Heater Repairs in Denver

    We handle water heaters and tankless heaters Don’t Be Caught by Surprise! Most homeowners do not think about their hot water heater until a problem arises. Regular maintenance can help ensure that you are not caught by surprise if it suddenly stops working at usually the most inopportune times, such as when you are in the middle of a shower or if your hot water begins to smell rancid. You can ...
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  • Denver Whole Home Humidifiers

    Whole Home Humidifiers The air has a tendency to get drier during the winter months. That is why many people are getting a whole home humidifier Denver installed. There are several ways that you can benefit from getting a whole home humidifier installed inside of your home. Below are some of those benefits: Your Health Many types of viruses thrive in areas that have low humidity. You are more ...
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  • Boiler Maintenance in Denver

    Susan, William and Zenaida Frew. Zenaida is the management crew of Sunshine in Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air! Boiler Maintenance Denver In order to maintain the condition of your homes heating system, it is highly recommended to take advantage of regular boiler maintenance. Sunshine Plumbing provides Denver, Colorado home owners and businesses with high-quality, professional services for all of ...
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  • Professional Installation of Tankless Water Heaters in Denver

    We handle water heaters and tankless heaters If you are tired of wasting energy on an old tank style water heater that never seems to produce enough hot water when you need it, now is the time to consider a new tankless water heater. These water heaters provide hot water on demand without the wasted energy of keeping a tank full of water hot, just waiting for you to need it. An experienced plumber ...
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