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Unclogging a Toilet

Workers In Family Business Standing Next To VanIf you have a toilet that needs unclogging in a hurry, Sunshine Plumbing can help assist you with professional results. While some toilets can be unclogged in a jiffy with a plunger, other problems can arise and will need professional assistance. It’s best to seek professional help as many things can go wrong.

All too often, toilets can become chronically clogged from little children placing their toys inside of toilets or using too much toilet paper. The problem occurs after it gets stuck in the piping. This can create a problem to where the sinks and showers can have water spilling out of them. Sunshine Plumbing may use an instrument called an auger, which is more commonly referred to as a “snake” or “eel,” however, some jobs require special tools and machinery if the problem is substantial.

If you have a clog, it may be wise to prevent additional water in the toilet and the toilet should not be flushed. Too often, children will attempt to flush the toilet when they see it is clogged. This is why shutting off the supply of water to the toilet is a good idea. In addition, make sure the flap in the tank is closed to prevent additional water from spilling in. Call Sunshine Plumbing to clear your problem.

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